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ELMA 09 Nail Growth Ointment

ELMA 09 Nail Growth Ointment

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The ELMA 09 Nail Growth Ointment  is one of the most effective ointments for treating nail problems.

This Nail Growth Ointment fights trachyonychia, nail fungus and cracked, brittle or damaged nails from excessive use of nail products.

The ELMA 09 Nail Ointment relieves nail infections, speeds up nail growth, and repairs the nail at a faster rate. It also improves the overall look of your nails.

Simply massage the ointment into your nails, cuticles and above. Slip on soft gloves to let the mixture work its magic overnight. Gently massaging your nails with ELMA 09 Nail Ointment softens your cuticles, strengthen nails and also improves blood circulation.

This Nail Ointment is free of parabens, steroids, antibiotics and artificial preservatives.

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