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ELMA Hemp-Derived Body Balm

ELMA Hemp-Derived Body Balm

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Calming ELMA Body Balm is a 100% natural analgesic balm. It efficiently calms inflammation and muscular spasms, tensions, gout, sprains, torn muscles and ligaments, stiffness in the neck and joint problems.

The active ingredient in the ELMA Body Balm is the oil of the seed of cannabis. This ingredient is powerfully analgesic, entirely natural and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil of the seed of cannabis has been used for a long time to naturally calm down pain. The ELMA Body Balm efficiently calms muscular tension without any side effects. It also calms pain due to headaches and moderate migraines.

Testimonial: "I have been suffering for a long temps from a problem in my spinal chord. I underwent expensive surgery in Florida but unfortunately, the problem didn't go away. I also had physiotherapy and joint therapy without any lasting results. Then I used the ELMA Body Balm just for a few days and felt RELIEF! Don't hesitate! I feel like I have my life back." (Janet Frendian)



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