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ELMA 11 Hair Revitalizer

ELMA 11 Hair Revitalizer

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The ELMA 11 Hair Revitalizer delivers amino acides, vitamins and kinetin to your skin, making the skin stem cells active and more effective.

Typically, your hair will become thicker and will look healthier after a few weeks. As soon as the scalp regains its equilibrium, hair loss should cease. Hair regrowth should start up again after a few months.

The ELMA Hair Revitalizer is a sensational, 100% natural formula for treating dandruff, cradle cap, folliculitis, scalp irritations, baldness or to stop hair loss.

Testimonial: "For me, the ELMA 11 Hair Revitalizer was a godsend. Not only did I stop losing my hair after four months of using the ELMA 11, but I also noticed hair re-growth in several areas. It's a miracle. Thanks!" (Jan, MIssissauga)

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