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Fir Tree Vinegar Balsamic Cream

Fir Tree Vinegar Balsamic Cream

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ACETIS, an exceptional condiment for refining your dishes

ACETIS is a unique condiment obtained from the maceration of Fir tree buds and branches mixed with balsamic vinegar.

Its natural and wild flavour, intense aromas in addition to its gustatory qualities make this vinegar an exceptional condiment for your dishes and your vinaigrette sauce preparation.

Store at room temperature, away from moisture and light.

Consume within two years after opening.


An ideal condiment for all your culinary creations. ACETIS will be perfect for lacquering your meats (duck, veal…), for your sautéed mushrooms or for going well with your cheeses.

You can also use it for making your vinaigrette sauce or for flavouring your oven-cooked fruits and ice-creams.

Recipe ideas

Hot goat cheese salad, fried veal liver, duck tenderloin, salmon and tuna tartares, scallops carpaccio or caramel-lacquered pork ribs.

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