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ELMA 16 Cold Sore Oil

ELMA 16 Cold Sore Oil

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The ELMA 16 Cold Sore Oil is therapeutic and very versatile. It not only alleviates pain and itching, but also provides relief from burning sensations. The ELMA 16 Cold Sore Oil reduces the healing period typically by about 50 percent. It is a novel, over-the-counter cold sore remedy based on calendula stem cell technology.

ELMA 16 Cold Sore Oil is a safe treatment that prevents and shields as well as alleviates cracked, chapped or wind-burned skin as well as lips. This Cold Sore Oil is loaded with various herbs, vitamins as well as vitamin E, jojoba oil and olive oil.

The ELMA 16 Cold Sore Oil is an exceptional and compact skin recovery remedy in a jar. The Oil contains a new potent formula  that combines the most up-to-date science along with best quality and naturally available organic ingredients that ensure best possible results.

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