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Maqui Collagen 330 g

Maqui Collagen 330 g

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330 g of Maqui plus hydrolyzed collagen Antioxidant and protein concentrate.

The key to maintaining good health … antioxidant and collagen! Helps keep the skin more hydrated, soft and elastic, as it strengthens the tissue’s ability to hold water.

Effective in sports practice, it reconstitutes tissues, improves the quality of the joints, powerful anti-inflammatory. Prevent and recover from injuries.

It provides the collagen necessary to compensate for the loss caused by aging  or sport.

Powder supplement, Maqui Berry and Collagen Peptides of grass-grazed cattle. The protein formula of collagen/antioxidants/polyphenols
strengthen the immune system, due to its high protein content, vitamins and minerals.

The product helps in disorders of the colon, gastritis, excess acidity and constipation. As a supplement nutritional, it helps to prevent
diseases such as osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries or accidents. It helps prevent the degeneration progressive cartilage tissue.

Due to its powerful action antioxidant it is also recommended for people who wish to lose weight due to its satiating effect and its composition

94% protein and 0% fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates.

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